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Remarkable Savings for Home Users:
An average child right from an early age spends a lot of time on the home computer. Computers are used extensively for both entertainment and education. The amounts of project work children are given by the schools has made it almost mandatory for each home to carry a printer.

Choosing the Right Small Business Printer:
Printing on paper is still extremely essential to most business practices for documents that need to be signed, marketing materials that need to be sent to clients, and more. Which type of printer is most suitable to a small business owner can be determined from the type of service each printer offers.
Laser Printers:
Laser printers are effective at printing high-volumes of documents quickly and still retaining a crisp, clean look. Laser printers are also very cost effective. When you add up printer cost, maintenance, ink etc, printing on a laser printer usually tends to come out at a lower price per page than other types of printers.
Inkjet Printers:
Inkjets are great printers if you need to print high-quality, color graphics or photos from time to time. Frequent color printing could raise the costs significantly. The paper and ink cartridges needed to print high-quality graphics and photos can be expensive for a large business. Inkjets are much slower than lasers, but what they lack in speed, they make up for in quality.
All-in-one Printers:
Multifunction, or all-in-one, printers are probably the best solution for small businesses. As the name suggests, they include a number of functions in one device. Most all-in-ones combines the functions of a printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine into one compact device. All-in-ones can come equipped with either a laser or an inkjet printer. Prices will vary widely based on the function they perform and the type of printer they house.
How to calculate the Consumable Costs?

Buying a new cartridge is also not environmentally-friendly as the old cartridges (which can still be used) will now be thrown out. It is definitely not cheaper in the long run, to buy the ink cartridges by the printer manufacturer companies.
It's amazing how many pages are churned out once the benefits of using the home computer for homework and research are discovered... And the consumable which needs replacing most often is... the ink!
Households with several teenagers/students using the home computer can easily need ink cartridges replaced every month... and that's where ink refilling can offer Savings of 50% or more!
Remarkable Savings for Small Businesses:
Colortech recognises the special needs of home computer users and provides competitive discounted pricing on a wide range of:

Before purchasing a printer, consider the ongoing cost of replacing or refilling your toner or ink cartridges.

Examine the amount and type of work you print. Do you mainly do just plain text on a page - e.g. letters - or do you include lots of blocks of images, logos or graphs? The more blocks you print, the faster your toner and ink will need replacing.

The average consumer believes that buying a new cartridge is just about as expensive as the printer itself! The printer manufacturer companies sell the printer cheaply while making the cartridges as expensive as possible and putting chips that 'expire' a cartridge, so you'll have to buy a new, expensive one every now and then, this is also to prevent you from refilling it cheaply, although there are ways to 'reset' this.
For expert help and advice in determining the type of printer best suited to your small business, contact Colortech. Remember you can make considerable savings by getting your consumables through Colortech!
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